AltaMed Cross-cultural, Bilingual, Healthcare Advertising


Planting seeds of health in healthcare deserts

AltaMed is a network of community clinics on a mission to eliminate disparities in healthcare access within Southern California. This campaign aimed to elevate brand awareness and reposition AltaMed as much more than just clinics; a healthcare advocate committed to the communities it serves, for the long run.  


Lifetime health isn’t an overnight thing

There are no shortcuts when it comes to lifetime health. It’s not just about feeling good now, putting a bandage on it, or taking a pill and waiting for the next symptom to hit. Healthy doesn’t just happen. It starts with small steps and continues to grow for life. 


Grow Healthy 

In a media landscape that pushes for instant gratification and fast fixes, AltaMed made a counter-intuitive case for embracing long-term health and wellness. With the slogan, “Grow Healthy,” AltaMed transmitted a sense of hope, uplifting underserved communities. 


Grow Healthy.
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