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Home is where the wi-fi is


A family of services

Claro Telecom relaunched its residential bundles as Casa Claro (Claro Home). We positioned Casa Claro as a family of services under one roof, using a dollhouse as the campaign icon.


Live action cartoons

The TV ads were inspired by the opening sequences of shows like The Simpsons, The Jetsons, and The Flintstones. We created a life-size dollhouse, inhabited by a cartoonish family.


Claro presents…  

The camera followed the cast as they made their way through the house, floating, in a continuous shot. Casa Claro services were weaved into the story and were introduced one by one, as each character made his or her appearance on screen.


Driving it home

The Casa Claro campaign was part of a complete brand overhaul, led by our team at Ogilvy, that aimed to shift negative brand perceptions and increase sales. Soon after the campaign, Brand Tracker reported a significant increase in brand likeability, and higher sales placed Claro ahead of the rest of the telecom providers in the region. 

Introducing the Claro Family.

Casa Claro