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Go straight to the good stuff

The back of the book habit

El Diario de Hoy, El Salvador's top-selling newspaper, wanted to attract a younger audience of readers. Their strategy was to promote the “back of the book” habit, based on the insight that younger readers prefer to read the newspaper, starting from the back, to find movie schedules, entertainment, sports, and sections that matter to them.


Go straight to the good stuff

The tone for this campaign was a complete departure from El Diario’s serious editorial voice. The ads showed teens skipping over stuff they don’t care for, forwarding to what they really want. Situations like skipping the romance and jumping straight to making out, and crushing a lollipop to get straight to the gum, were followed by the phrase, "Go straight to the good stuff."


Excellence in newspaper advertising

The campaign was frank, irreverent, and very successful. It earned Gold in the Young Readership category at the INMA awards for excellence in newspaper advertising.

This campaign won a Gold INMA award.

Jump straight to the good stuff.

El Diario de Hoy

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