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You can't always see malnutrition

Libras de Amor

Ending childhood malnutrition

Libras de Amor is a nonprofit working to eradicate childhood malnutrition El Salvador, where 1 in 4 children suffer malnutrition. LDA needed a breakthrough campaign to differentiate its cause from the many nonprofits helping children. 


Putting a face to the statistics

The campaign was based on statistics which highlighted the brutal effects of childhood malnutrition. Putting a face to those numbers was key, so we traded the pie chart for a mise en scène to illustrate the facts of malnutrition. Each ad brought an otherwise abstract statistic to life.


Your pity won’t help. Your donation will.

The campaign payoff was a direct, urgent message, which called out our usual reactions in a desensitized society: "Your pity won’t help. Your donation will. Donate Now!"


Libras de Amor earned an Effie award 2 years in a row

LDA’s goal was to increase donations by 30%. After the launch, donations increased by 51%. The number of affiliates increased from 660 to 1,670 one year, a 153% increase. 

Making childhood malnutrition matter.  

Libras de Amor 

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