Fashion Advertising Campaign. Erika Saca. Ogilvy


Hilasal is a world leader in towel manufacturing

At the time, new competitors were gaining market share and brand awareness was low among younger buyers. We were tasked with a comprehensive rebranding campaign that would elevate Hilasal to a premium status. At the same time, the campaign goal was to encourage frequency of towel purchases.


We started with a logo re-design

Hilasal’s new logo was inspired by the colorful threads used to make the towels. We steered away from the rigidness of the original logo and went for a more organic, calligraphic approach. The solution was a simple, threadlike, handwritten logo which took on different color gradients.


Turning a commodity into a fashion object

The ads’ photography featured the towel as a "must-have" item for every season and occasion, worn by young, and beautiful fashion models. We used the phrase, “By Hilasal” reminiscent of fashion designers’ signatures. This Oh-so-chic campaign was featured in LeBook Creative. Top of Mind and brand likeability among younger buyers increased, so did sales.

How do you turn a generic towel into a season must-have?


Hilasal Mujer Boina.jpg
Hilasal color 1.jpg
Hilasal Hombre Boina Naranja.jpg
Hilasal Mupi 2.jpg