Creative Director, Copywriter
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Co-Directed Documentary Film


I co-directed Rosa, a documentary film about the life of a transsexual woman in El Salvador. Rosa explores gender as it relates to class and religion in our Salvadoran society, but does so through very personal and intimate, first-person accounts of two transsexual women, their friends, and family.


Rosa has garnered awards around the world, including Best International Documentary at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, 2006, Official Selection at ÍCARO Film Festival of Central America, Latin American Film Festival of Biarritz, Mittelamerikanisches Film Festival of Vienna, La Mission International Film Festival in San Francisco, and many others.


Today, Rosa continues to be screened at countless international festivals and has become a valuable tool for universities, government and non-government organizations, to address gender issues and promote tolerance. Some of these organizations include the PNUD of the United Nations, the Social Inclusion Office of the Presidency of El Salvador, Las Dignas (organization for sexual minorities) and Entre Amigos (LGBT organization).



Love blooms in the darkest places.

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