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Telecom Advertising Campaign. Internet. Erika Saca. Ogilvy


The internet as it should be

Telefónica launched new improvements to its Internet service, Integra. At the time, the competition was growing fast and trying to debunk Integra’s leadership. The goal of this campaign was to reinforced Integra's positioning as “The internet as it should be.”


A nightmarish ride online

We created a parody, which likened other providers' Internet services to riding on El Salvador's infamous buses. La Veloz, which translates as "the fast one," was the bus route that took users on nightmarish rides that were always slow, packed, and left passengers to fend for themselves when trouble hit.


The payoff was simple:

Like La Veloz, all the other providers offered lousy service, only Integra was “the internet as it should be.” This campaign was featured in Latin Spots.



If no one comes to your rescue... (24/7 Customer Support)

If it takes too long... (High Speed Internet)

If it's always saturated... (Dedicated Broadband)

Bad internet is like a nightmarish ride on San Salvador's infamous buses. 



If it takes too long... Integra offers the highest speeds. 

If it's always saturated... Integra offers dedicated broadband. 


If no one comes to your rescue... Integra offers true 24/7 customer support.

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