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Integra Bundles

An un-boring brand approach

Describing internet bundles can be super boring. Integra was not a boring brand. Since its launch, it differentiated itself by using humor and taking on a young brand voice.


Absolutely everything

Telecom, Integra’s biggest competitor, had just launched its “Everything” bundle promo with an aggressive campaign. To maintain its leadership, Integra came up with a bundle promotion that was more competitive than Telecom’s. We called it the “Absolutely Everything” bundle.

A stop-motion promotion

Integra took on its competitor directly with its campaign message, “Just when you thought you had everything, Integra gives you Absolutely Everything.” We used stop-motion animation, and featured cute and playful nesting dolls. One by one, each doll would reveal a feature, ending with the tiniest doll showing the small promo price. 

There’s more inside.


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